Fat Removal Without Surgery

The CoolSculpting device, placed on the treatment area, transmits cool temperatures with no harm to surrounding tissue.With all of the emphasis on feeling and looking our best, dieting and exercise have never been more embraced.  To create that best version of ourselves, many of us are adapting our lifestyles to healthy dieting and intense exercise. It feels great to be a part of this movement. However, some of us get frustrated when we are faced with the reality of pockets of fat that absolutely refuse to go away.  Whether this is belly, hip or flank fat, saddlebag thighs, bra back fat, flabby arms, under the buttock fat or fat under the chin, we find it virtually impossible to exercise or diet some of this away. Sometimes this subcutaneous fat layer can be due to being male or female, or your genetics. No matter the reason why, our trained and talented team at CoolBluLex can step in and put the finishing touches on your new you.

At CoolBluLex we offer the world's #1 safest treatment for fat removal without surgery, CoolSculpting®. There is growing interest in achieving fat removal without all of the downsides of invasive surgery, which can include many downsides like pain and time-off from even normal activities. You are taking great care of yourself, you are almost there in achieving your body goals and the last thing you want to do is complicate your life with a surgical procedure. CoolSculpting will get you there without downtime, without general anesthesia and with few to no side effects.

Here's how CoolSculpting works. Scientists from Harvard determined that fat freezes at a higher temperature than tissue, allowing fat cells to be frozen without causing any harm to surrounding tissue. Based upon this scientific evidence and sound human studied research, physician offices around the world are able to use the CoolSculpting device to permanently kill fat cells for good. Once a CoolSculpting specialist has placed a gel pad to protect the skin and the device on the area to be treated, controlled cooling will destroy fat cells without freezing surrounding tissue or causing any harm to any other cells. Destroyed fat cells are naturally eliminated over the next several days and those fat cells are gone forever. Keep in mind that at some point in your teenage years the number of fat cells you have is permanently set. When you lose weight, your fat cells simply change shape. Remarkably, the actual cooling process and elimination of these fat cells through CoolSculpting contributes to your permanent fat removal without surgery.

When you come to CoolBluLex for CoolSculpting, you are in for an outstanding experience that differentiates CoolBluLex from others.  You will relax in our beautiful surroundings and our well-trained, experienced team, led by co-founder Dr. Stephen Schantz, will deliver the ultimate in patient care.  Dr. Schantz is a partner at Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery Center, a medical practice with combined experience of over 35 years. We are here for you as you progress on your way to a better you through fat removal without surgery. Depending on your treatment plan, a CoolSculpting treatment can take less than an hour and when you are finished you can return to your routine activities.

Men and women alike are thrilled to experience fat removal without surgery. Those difficult pockets of fat do not have to remain with you forever! When you come in for CoolSculpting, you can count on seeing results from this noninvasive treatment as early as three weeks after your procedure. Your results will continue to improve for several weeks and at about three months your body will have reached best results with  25% fat reduction. Contact CoolBluLex for a personalized consultation with a medical professional to determine what CoolSculpting can do for you.

Don't wait another day for the finishing touches on all that hard work you've been doing for the best you!

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