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CoolBluLex is Lexington's #1 CoolSculpting plastic surgery provider for noninvasive treatment for fat reduction.Today’s strong emphasis on a healthy lifestyle encourages most of us to participate in a combination of healthy eating and consistent exercise.  Most of us know that we cannot be successful without this combination:  dieting without bumping up exercise will not work, nor will an aggressive exercise program without sensible dieting. Some of us, despite taking on this combination, are left with pockets of pinchable fatty tissue.  Luckily, like our saying goes, “if you can pinch it, we can freeze it.” If you are looking for a solution for fat reduction, Lexington's Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery Center has your answer. Housed within this medical practice is CoolBluLex, Lexington's #1 CoolSculpting® provider for noninvasive treatment for fat reduction in Lexington.

Doctors Waldman, Schantz and Turner share over 35 years of experience and offer only the safest and most effective procedures for fat reduction in Lexington. Dr. Stephen Schantz, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is the co-founder of affiliated CoolBluLex and leads a team of the best,well-trained and  experienced professionals performing fat reduction in Lexington. While there are other options for fat reduction, CoolSculpting is widely embraced for a number of reasons, particularly the fact that it is noninvasive, as opposed to other fat removal procedures that are invasive.  Our CoolSculpting patients chose CoolSculpting for several reasons:

  • There is no downtime. You can take a break from your busy day for CoolSculpting and head right back to your routine. Treatments generally take from 35 to 60 minutes.
  • This non-surgical treatment requires no general anesthesia, no incisions and leaves no scars.
  • You will experience few to no side effects.
  • The onset of your results is gradual, usually within 1-3 months, sending off no strong and immediate message that you “had work done.”

What is it about CoolSculpting that makes it so effective and popular for fat reduction in Lexington? CoolSculpting's method for success involves freezing problematic fat cells, processed at a temperature that exclusively works on fat cells causing apoptosis, or cell death. CoolSculpting does not impact surrounding tissue. Its ability to target and cool subcutaneous fatty tissue through the placement of a unique device to the area of concern brings fat reduction results directly to that specific area you want to improve. Here is the critical differentiation between CoolSculpting and weight loss: during your teen years your body completes its development of a fixed number of fat cells. Diet and exercise help to change the shape of fat cells. Through CoolSculpting, however, your processed fat cells are eliminated naturally from your body and you will have permanently reduced the number of fat cells in your body. They are not reshaped – they are gone!

When you are ready to improve your diet and exercise results with targeted fat reduction, Lexington's CoolBluLex is ready to start with a personal consultation with a medical professional who will provide great information on your procedure and recommend a customized treatment plan. CoolSculpting and other fat reduction procedures, including liposuction, are available through our practice. As part of Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery, a well-respected plastic surgery cosmetic and reconstructive medical practice in Lexington, we will help you to determine the best fat reduction option for you. Recognizing the value of our patients' time, CoolBluLex is the only facility in Lexington that offers DualSculpting, the use of two devices simultaneously, reducing your treatment time significantly. We understand you are making an important decision when you are considering fat reduction. You will find that CoolBluLex distinguishes itself from the others with its professionalism and top-tier medical team. CoolSculpting is a great step toward a new you and we will help you to make an informed decision. We are here for you. Don't wait another day!

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