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CoolSculpting is based on sound science, it is safe & it produces great results. CoolSculpting results are permanent.That “sculpted look” is a look that men and women alike notice in others and want for themselves. It is well known that the achievement of this slimmer and toned physique requires the combination of healthy diet and disciplined exercise, therefore, more and more people are putting forward this effort with a focused energy on diet and exercise as the only means to complete their results. You deserve to reach the body sculpting and confident self you desire, but the reality is that in spite of this effort, many of us still hit the wall with stubborn pockets of fat refusing to be dieted or exercised away. Nothing seems to work. And these obstinate fat cells do not discriminate: they are a problem for men every bit as much as they are a problem for women.

Gentlemen, you know what we are talking about:  love handles, your abdomen, your chest, your chin and more. You are simply not able to rid yourself of that excess subcutaneous fat tissue sitting above the muscle layer. This is why so many men are turning to a revolutionary, non-surgical solution:  CoolSculpting® for Men. It is based on sound science, it is safe and it produces great results.

Lots of men in the Central Kentucky region are choosing CoolBluLex for their CoolSculpting treatments.  In fact, we have nearly as many men as women turning to our great team for help to achieve great results.  Embedded within the Waldman Schantz Turner Plastic Surgery Center, with physicians with over 35 years of experience in plastic surgery, Dr. Stephen Schantz co-founded CoolBluLex. CoolBluLex provides a winning combination of the safe and reliable technology of CoolSculpting with a terrific team of professionals trained and experienced in providing CoolSculpting for men. We differentiate ourselves at CoolBluLex from other medical spas with our excellent medical background and guarantee to work with you toward a sculpted you.

The discovery of CoolSculpting for men and women is fascinating: Harvard researchers observed children who were given popsicles develop dimples. These dimples developed because the popsicles froze and eliminated small pockets of their cheek fat, while having no effect upon surrounding tissue. Because fat cells freeze at a temperature higher than tissue, it is possible to target fat cells for removal without harming surrounding tissue. Men have made nonsurgical CoolSculpting their #1 choice for a number of reasons:

  • There is no downtime. You can take a break from your work day for CoolSculpting and head right back to your work, normal exercise or routine.
  • This non-surgical treatment requires no general anesthesia, no incisions and leaves no scars.
  • You will experience few to no side effects.
  • The onset of your results is gradual, usually within 4-6 weeks, sending off no strong and immediate message that you “had work done.”
  • CoolSculpting results are permanent.

One of the many reasons men choose CoolBluLex for CoolSculpting is that we are the only plastic surgery center in Lexington that has invested in DualSculpting equipment. With Dual Sculpting, we are able to place applicators on both sides of the treatment area, enabling us to complete your CoolSculpting treatment in less time. At CoolBluLex, we have 28 unique CoolSculpting devices of varying shapes and sizes available to be placed on your area of treatment, depending on your body type, causing a fat cell freezing process that triggers fat cells to die off permanently. Within several days, your body will naturally eliminate these fat cells from your body. While diet and exercise result in changing the shape of your fat cells, with CoolSculpting treated fat cells are gone forever, creating permanent results that sculpture your body in ways that are impossible to accomplish through diet and the gym. 

CoolSculpting may not be for everyone, which is why it is important to go to an expert CoolSculpting and body contouring center. When you contact CoolBluLex for more information on CoolSculpting, we will arrange for a personal consultation with an experienced medical professional who will assess your main areas of concern and provide you with enough information so that you may be able to make an informed decision on which procedure is best for you. We will answer your questions and customize a plan that will work for you, your goals and your budget. Contact us by phone @859.254.5665 or on our website at today. Come and see for yourself what CoolSculpting can do for men like you who have done the hard work and are ready for those finishing touches. We are here for you!

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